7th Annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

North East Outreach and Support Services’ 7th Annual ‘Walk a Mile in Her Shoes’ event in Tisdale on May 28 was a huge success. It was the first time Tisdale hosted the event. There were 118 registered walkers donned the four-inch red high heels and walk a mile along 100 Street and back to Town Square, to raise awareness and support for victims of domestic, gender and sexualized violence in North East communities.

“People are really realizing that domestic and sexualized violence have no socioeconomic, ethnic, or religious boundaries,” Louise Schweitzer ED said. “It happens to everyone. By having people come out in different careers by police coming out in uniform, an accountant out in a suit, and having a fire chief out in full gear shows that they recognize it and they’re aware of it. It also shows to the victims that that’s a person and a field that they can go to for safety and help.

“The greatest thing again is the awareness it creates, and we do it in such a fun way. The laughter, watching people as they’re walking, the empowerment that it gives to each other. You can’t put a price tag on it.”

Over $19,000 was raised with $2,760 of it coming from the R.M. of Tisdale’s group, also known as ’10 Miles of Bad Road’ who are hailed as the “Angels of the Heels 2019” and with $950 from Lenard Cummins, “King of the Heels 2019”.

This event was organized in partnership with Bruce Schapansky Auctioneers,  RM of Tisdale, Winmar / Reflection Paints. Other sponsors are Beeland Co-op, Tisdale Rentals, The Red Apple, Buy Low Foods, Stacey Simpson Photography, Corey Teale DJ, Cheryl Beaudry, Tech Water, RBC, Lucas Embroidery, TMSS Students, Doghide Clinic and Violet Allan.


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